Crown Heights; Edenton Sex Abuse Scandal; 'Innocence Lost'

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Tuesday 07/20/1993

Richard Girgenti, author of the Crown Heights report, describes the failure of the police and City Hall to effectively halt the four days of rioting and murder in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. First Deputy Mayor Norman Steisel, Rev. Herbert Daughtry, Beth Gilinsky of the Jewish Action Alliance, and journalist Jack Newfield evaluate the Crown Heights Report and its potential implications for City Hall. Producer Ofra Bikel discusses her Frontline documentary called "Innocence Lost: The Verdict," which investigates the Little Rascals Day Care case in Edenton, NC eight years after the sex abuse scandal. Sex crimes prosecutor Marjory Fisher, defense attorney Cristina Gutierrez, Dr. Richard Gardner, Dr. Philip Hyden, Edenton parent Gary Smith, and filmmaker Ofra Bikel examine the Edenton sex abuse scandal.