Women in Bosnia; Noa Ben Artzi-Pelossof; Brancusi Exhibit; Cassandra Wilson

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Wednesday 04/17/1996

Women's rights activists Catherine O'Neill, Liv Ullmann, Nancy Rubin, Jurate Kazickas, and Rose Styron report on the plight of women refugees in Bosnia, whose needs are being ignored in the aftermath of the war. Noa Ben Artzi-Pelossof, granddaughter of Yitzhak Rabin, shares her new book memorializing her grandfather, "In the Name of Sorrow and Hope." Chief curators of the Museum of Modern Art, Kirk Varnedoe and Margit Rowell, reflect on the work of the enigmatic sculptor Constantin Brancusi and what makes him an icon of radical modernism. Jazz vocalist Cassandra Wilson performs live in the studio, shares her many inspirations, and talks about her newest album, "New Moon Daughter."