Gov. Deval Patrick; Ardeshir amir Arjomand; Reform in Iran; 'It's Always Personal'

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Thursday 06/16/2011

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick reflects on his life, what led him to a career in politics, and shares his goals while in office, including health care and education reform. Ardeshir amir Arjomand, spokesman for Coordinating Council of the Green Path of Hope, reflects on reform in Iran and the work he does to prevent voting fraud. Hadi Ghaemi of the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran, Ervand Abrahamian of CUNY Graduate School, and Haleh Esfandiari of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars examine the reform movement in Iran and the effects of the Arab Spring on the country. Author and journalist Anne Kreamer shares her new book, "It's Always Personal," and, joined by Mark Truss of J. Walter Thompson, examines how working Americans balance their feelings in the workplace.